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Level term policies pay out a fixed amount no matter when you claim during the policy term. Decreasing term policies reduce the amount that's paid out over time. They are typically taken out to cover a repayment mortgage.
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Critical illness cover will pay out on diagnosis of a serious condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is vaping classed as smoking?

For life insurance purposes, most UK life insurance providers will class vaping as smoking but there are now a small number of insurance companies that have rates for vapers and some that will even class you as a non smoker.

Why don't all life insurance providers do vaper rates?

Even though Public health England  commissioned a expert independent evidence review in 2015 advising that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, the majority of UK insurance providers have commented that they don’t yet know about its long-term effects.  

Do I need to tell my life insurance provider I vape?

Yes, if you withhold information on any insurance policy this will invalidate your policy. We recommend using the right life insurance company in the first place to avoid over paying.

Which UK life insurance provider is best for those who vape?

This depends on how long you have vaped for, what you have vaped and when you last used tobacco, sounds complex but it really isn't. We will find out about your vaping habits and match you with the best insurance company.

How do I prove to the insurance company that I vape?

The first thing an insurance company will do, is ask you. This will be asked on the initial quote and then the application form. Some insurance providers may also ask for a medical and if you are down as a non smoker they will also do a cotinine test.

How will the insurance provider confirm I am a vaper at claim stage?

This is arguably the most import question! Firstly, if they haven't already written to your GP, they will write to your GP to confirm you were telling the truth on your application. We recommend you email your doctors surgery to inform them you are now vaping, if they don't already know.